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Please help me to bring the heartfelt wish to the many children waiting.

Once again in a fit of madness I have accepted the Make-A-Wish Alabama Trailblaze Challenge! The Trailblaze Challenge is a one-day 26.3-mile hike on the Pinhoti trail to raise funds for Make-a-Wish Alabama.

This has been one of the most rewarding things I have done in my life. Last year I managed to lose four toenails along the way, but they grew back as did my spirit and determination.

Trailblaze Challenge is more than a hike. It is more than a fundraiser. Trailblaze Challenge is a life-changing endurance experience that mimics the journey Alabama wish kids go through, and ultimately helps Make-A-Wish Alabama grant wishes to the 300 children with life-threatening medical conditions in our state.

Along with training to hike the 26.3 miles I am also working hard towards my personal goal to help grant these wishes.
Last year with your generous support I was proud and fortunate enough to have been able to raise $5,000. This year my personal goal is to raise $8,000 which is the amount an average wish typically costs to provide. Wishes can vary as widely as a child's imagination; from a trip to Disney World, to meeting a unicorn, seeing snow for the first time, a sensory room, a service dog, or to be a superhero for a day!
Nevertheless, the Make-a-Wish team work together and make these, sometimes seemingly impossible, wishes to come true. Going above and beyond to make these wishes truly memorable and special both for the child and their family the Make-a-Wish team and volunteers truly are fairy godmothers - and godfathers! - in disguise.

Health professionals believe that a wish experience encourages children to be more willing to comply with difficult, but vital treatment regimens and can influence the wish child's physical health. Children and their parents alike experience less fear in their lives. Children feel less isolated from friends and feel a return of confidence that comes with feeling 'normal' again.

But none of this can be accomplished without our help. So please help me to help them to help the children. I will walk the 26 miles, risk my toenails, heatstroke, painful knees, exhaustion and quite possibly my sanity if you can find it wihtin yourself - and your pocket - to bring to these children a time when they can briefly escape the struggle and pain of their illnesses and be doing what they, as children, should be doing - enjoying an exciting, happy and carefree experience.
Thank you
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